6 months of LPHOME/ 3 boxes Pre-Pay/Non-Renewing

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  • $ 89.50

This is a pre-order box purchase for three boxes over 6 months set to ship in April, June and August . You will be charged immediately for all boxes upon placing a pre-order. 

Elevate the ordinary with LuxePineapple Home.

Expertly curated by the LP team. This lifestyle box includes 4 or more LP finds for the home including artisan crafted items, decor, kitchen+baking, office must-haves, home textiles +linens, specialty cleaning items plus more. This is a gift-ready beautifully presented box with a hand tied fabric bow. You will be charged immediately upon placing a pre-order. This is a NON-RENEWING box.

There is no duplication with LuxePineapple Post.There are no beauty/beauty-related items in LuxePineapple Home. This purchase is non-refundable.